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  • What is the work transfer service with the border number?

    A service that enables establishments to issue an exceptional, limited work permit only; For the purpose of transferring the service of an expatriate whose period of entry into the Kingdom exceeded 90 days without a work permit being issued to him.

  • Is it possible to issue a visa for a nationality or a profession that is not listed in Musaned?

    The nationality or profession of the domestic worker must be among the options in the system.

  • Does the office of the recruitment company guarantee the eligibility of the workers who are selected by the employer himself (appointed by name)?

    The recruitment office/company guarantees the workers chosen by the employer himself (appointed by name) for 3 months. The worker's guarantee period is based on the contract concluded between the two parties.

  • How is the document renewed?

    Through the portal, you can log in and apply for renewal

  • What is the difference between a typical and customized work policies?

    The model work regulations enable the employer to issue the work organization regulations and have them approved by the Ministry immediately, and establishments can make simple amendments to the regulations such as the number of vacation days, the calendar used, and working days.
    As for the customized work regulations, they are specific regulations for each facility, where special terms and conditions are added to the facility that are not available in the model regulations. The preparation and review of the customized regulations are required by accredited law firms, and then approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

  • What is the importance of serving labor Policies?

    It is a service that aims to regulate the internal environment in the establishments by adopting work organization regulations electronically, which creates a safe and effective work environment and raises awareness and improves the work environment.

  • What is the service of requesting a letter of endorsement to exempt visa fees?

    An e-service that enables persons with disabilities registered with the Ministry and whose disability has been assessed, to submit a request to obtain a letter of support for exemption of visa fees for persons with disabilities, according to the terms and conditions.

  • Is it possible to cancel the visa issued by Musaned?

    Yes, you can cancel the visa through the applicant's account with Musaned: Issued visas - Selecting the visa to be canceled - Canceling the visa.

  • Is it issued directly?

    Yes, when the conditions are met

  • Is it accepted directly?

    No applications are examined by a specific committee

  • Can I change the profession of an expatriate employee to a profession subject to localization decisions?

    It's not possible

  • Is it possible to change the profession in the visa after it is issued?

    It is possible to change the profession of the employee after coming or cancel the visa and re-issue it by choosing the required profession

  • How can I cancel or modify a job change request?

    You can access the requests sent on the Qawia platform, or choose to view the requests from the services page

  • Is it possible to submit a settlement after paying the violation?

    The violation must be unpaid

  • Can I submit an objection while I have a settlement request?

    An objection cannot be submitted if there is an existing settlement request

  • How do I know if I am eligible to document my contract with the worker?

    In the event that you have a domestic worker without any valid employment contract within the Musaned platform, you are eligible to request documentation of the contract. You can access the contract documentation service to view the list of workers whose contracts you can document.

  • Is contract documentation service mandatory?

    Contract documentation service is not mandatory.

  • What if the results of the self-evaluation of the facility are not good?

    The objective of the self-assessment stage is for the establishment to know the percentage of its compliance with the work regulations and then work to correct errors and violations. The establishment will not incur any financial penalties at this stage.

  • Will the establishment incur any financial penalties if it does not comply with one of the standards of the Ministry of Human Resources in the self-assessment stage?

    In the current period, the facility will not incur any financial penalties

  • Why should the establishment do a self-assessment?

    Self-assessment helps the establishment to familiarize itself with the regulations and laws of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, and to self-correct errors, which protects it from committing violations. It is also a requirement for benefiting from the Ministry's services.

  • How will I benefit from the platform?

    All you have to do is:
    Through the platform, establishments will learn about all their violations - if any - of the regulations of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.
    Protecting them from committing violations before visiting the inspectors of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.
    Giving establishments the opportunity to measure their compliance with the Saudi Labor Law regulations.
    Keeping establishments informed of updates to the Saudi labor system.
    Raising awareness among establishments regarding the requirements of the work system.

  • What is the self-assessment platform?

    It is a platform that aims to achieve the highest levels of compliance with the regulations of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development through an integrated cycle that begins with the establishment's self-assessment and work to correct its errors before the inspection visit by the inspectors of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

  • Are there specific qualifications to join the program?

    There are no specific qualifications for remote work, but according to the requirements of each company, it determines the qualification required for the jobs offered

  • Is it possible to submit a settlement when I have an objection request?

    A settlement cannot be submitted in the absence of an existing objection request

  • When can an objection be submitted?

    The objection shall be submitted within 60 days from the date of issuance of the administrative decision.

  • Are there full-time and part-time jobs?

    Yes, it is possible to work full-time or part-time depending on the jobs offered

  • What are the types of temporary work notices?

    There are 3 types of temporary work notices:
    - Notices of providing domestic labor services annually
    - Notices of provision of temporary monthly domestic labor services
    - Notifications for the provision of domestic labor services at the temporary hour

  • Does the service allow the employee's data to be updated?

    Yes, the worker's data will be updated in case there is a difference with the Ministry of Interior.

  • Is the service available to the worker?

    No its available for the Employer

  • Does the applicant have to be freelance to apply for the document?

    No, it is not a requirement. Employees on the job can apply for the document.

  • What is the validity period of the document?

    The document is valid for one year from the date of issue.

  • What are the advantages provided by Freelancing certificate?

    Voluntary registration in social insurance.
    Contracting with government and private agencies to use the document as an official document.
    Opening a bank account linked to the document.
    Use of digital payment channels.

  • What is a freelance certificate ?

    It is a certificate approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development that grants individuals registration in a number of activities. It gives them opportunities to work independently in the activities approved by the Ministry through the online portal of self-employment.

  • What are the fees required of establishments in the "Mowama" program?

    • Optional training fees for giant and large enterprises: 5000 riyals (excluding value-added tax). • Optional training fees for medium enterprises: 2000 riyals (excluding value added tax). • Fees for audit procedures for large establishments: 25,000 riyals (excluding value added tax). • Fees for audit procedures for medium enterprises: 10,000 riyals (excluding value added tax).

  • How long is the Mowaamah certificate valid for?

    The validity period of the “Mowaamah” certificate for establishments that obtain the gold, silver or bronze rank is two years. As for the establishments that obtain the rank of participant, the validity period of the certificate is only one year.

  • What is the classification of certificates in the "Mowamamah" program?

    The granting of the “Mowaamah” certificate depends on the degree obtained by the facility after the audit process by the accredited auditor. The types of certificates are as follows:

    Golden Rank: For the degree starting from 70% and above.
    Silver Rank: for the degree between 50% - 69%.
    Bronze Rank: for the degree between 30% - 49%.
    Participant’s rank: to the degree between 15%-29%.

  • How is the optional trainer requested before applying for a “Mowaamah” certificate?

    The optional trainer is requested from the induction program page, by choosing the “Training Request” service, where the facility is required to set an appropriate date within a period of no less than two weeks from submitting the application; In preparation for selecting a special trainer and sending him to the facility.

  • What is the payment mechanism?

    Fees are paid through the online payment portal(SADDAD) on the "Mowama" website.

  • Why are there financial fees for the Mowama program? Does it belong to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development?

    Based on the principle of partnership with the private sector, the Ministry of Human Resources deals with the participation fees in the “Mowama” program as a consideration for external services, such as the wages of certified auditors from the private sector, and no amount returns to its treasury, as the Ministry is keen to ensure that The work environment is appropriate and meets all standards, through certified and licensed auditors to perform this.

  • What are the steps for registering in the Mowama program?

    Establishments wishing to obtain the certificate fill in their data on the registration page by selecting the “obtaining the certificate” service, and then starting the self-assessment procedures, submitting evidence, and applying for the certificate.

  • How long is the expected period for obtaining the “Mowaamah” certificate?

    After the facility formally submits the application and attaches all the necessary evidence, the work team takes about two weeks to study the application, complete all related procedures, and then issue the certificate to the facility that has met the required standards.

  • What are the criteria for obtaining the “Mowaamah” certificate?

    To obtain the "Mowaamah" certificate, the establishment must meet eight criteria: commitment, knowledge, employment, human resource management, products and services, communication, facilities, and information and communication technology.

  • Is my data confidential in the "Mowama" program?

    The Mowama program is committed to the confidentiality of the information entered by the facility in the system, and it is not entitled to publish or share it with other parties without the permission of the participating facility.

  • What are the beneficiaries of the "Mowama" program?

    All private sector establishments with various activities.

  • What is the mechanism for calculating persons with disabilities in the “Mowama” program?

    The weight of a worker with a disability is currently calculated in the program to motivate establishments to resettle “Nitaqat” by four points for one worker, and in accordance with Ministerial Resolution No. (3249) dated 3/9/1438 AH, no later than 1/4/1439 AH, the worker’s weight will be reduced from Persons with disabilities in “Nitaqat” are reduced to two workers only, and after a year has passed, the calculation of the weight of the worker with disabilities will be reduced to one worker only in the event that the facility does not obtain a “matching” certificate for giant and large facilities only.

  • Why do I participate in the Mowama program?

    The "Mowama" program is designed to support the increase in the participation of persons with disabilities in the Saudi labor market, in addition to encouraging giant and large enterprises to obtain the certificate according to the ministerial decision, and linking their participation to the equation for calculating the employee with disabilities in the Nitaqat incentive program for establishments for resettlement. Details of the ministerial decision on the following link: https://t.co/2TG694qPAj

  • How can I inquire about the status of the Saudization certificate after extracting it?

    The user can inquire about the Saudization certificate through the Qiwa control panel.

  • How do I benefit from the Saudization certificate?

    The Saudization certificate proves the extent of the facility’s commitment to localization according to the laws stipulated by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, and it can be used in several procedures such as applying for government tenders and obtaining financial extracts for projects.

  • What is the validity period of the certificate?

    The certificate is valid for 3 months from the date of issuance

  • Can a work permit be canceled?

    A work permit cannot be canceled after it has been issued or renewed.

  • Why does the status of the work permit being valid after issuance or renewal not appear in the Absher Business or Muqeem system?

    The status of payment of the work permit fee is updated in the passport systems within 24 hours from the time of payment.

  • How long does it take for a business license status update to appear in the powers of a renewed license?

    It takes approximately one hour for the license status to be updated after payment.

  • What are the steps to implement the service?

    1. Entering a strong website, selecting the facility, and then selecting a service (issuing or renewing work licenses).
    2. Selecting the employees to be issued or renewing work licenses.
    3. Choose Submit Request.
    4. Pay the fees through local banks using the payment number.

  • When is it possible to renew a work permit?

    The facility is allowed to renew the work permit if 180 days or less remain from its expiry date.

  • When is the employee required to issue a work permit?

    The facility must issue a work permit to the expatriate employee within the first 90 days after his entry into the Kingdom.

  • Does the worker have to be registered with a facility?

    Yes, the worker must be registered with a facility to be able to issue the license.

  • Who is the license given to?

    The license is provided to Saudi and Gulf nationals

  • What is the validity period of the license?

    The license is valid for one year.

  • Are there full-time and part-time jobs?

    Yes, it is possible to work full-time or part-time depending on the jobs offered

  • Are there specific qualifications to join the program?

    There are no specific qualifications for remote work, but according to the requirements of each company, the qualification required for the offered jobs is determined

  • Can I apply for more than one job at the same time?

    Yes, you can apply for more than one job

  • Am I registered with social insurance(GOSI)?

    Yes, the work system applies to you and you will be registered with social security (GOSI) after employment

  • What are the categories that can join the remote work program?

    The remote work program is available to all groups of females, males and people with disabilities.

  • How many contracts can an individual sign?

    There is no set number of contracts, provided that there is no conflict between them

  • Is contracting through the flexible work portal mandatory?

    Yes, the contract must be authenticated in the electronic portal launched by the ministry, and any contract made outside the portal will not be accepted

  • What is flexible work?

    A system that enables the Saudi job seeker and the employer to contract flexibly, where the wage is on an hourly basis (the lowest unit of wages) without committing to any other benefits as there are no (paid leave, end of service gratuity, and the overtime system does not apply to it)

  • How do I register for the developed Social Security?

    Create a new user and fill in the required data: ID number, date of birth, and mobile number. A “Verification Code” will be sent to the entered mobile number. Enter the verification code sent to your mobile phone and press “Verify” Log in to the platform using: ID number and password. Then the required information is filled out on the platform.

  • Does applying for the developed social security affect the entitlement to the previous security pension?

    The application for the developed social security does not affect the entitlement to the previous social security pension

  • What are the target groups that will be covered by the pension in the developed system, and will it be limited to specific categories like the previous system?

    The system targets the needy only, regardless of gender or social status, as long as the criteria and conditions are met

  • What is the difference between the previous system and the developer?

    The developed social security system targets the most needy groups in society, regardless of the previous classification of social status. The provisions of the current system also ensure that the pension reaches the beneficiaries while enabling them to strive to achieve financial independence and support them to transform from needy individuals to productive individuals in society, with high oversight and continuous follow-up to achieve System goals

  • I forgot the password ?

    The Jadara system is entered using the unified national access, in case the password is forgotten, it will be recovered after contacting the National Information Center

  • How long does registration and documentation last?

    Submission and amendment of the application data on Jadara on the Ministry's website on the Jadara platform continues throughout the year.

  • Recognition of foreign education

  • Applying for benefits

  • Persons with disability and Medical equipment subsidy

  • Does the portal provide information and a set of services for the elderly?

    Yes, the ministry provides a range of services for the elderly through the link

  • Is there a regulation and a law that protects children from domestic violence?

    Of course, there is a child protection system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it was issued by Royal Decree No. (M/14) on 2/3/1436 corresponding to 11/25/2014 AD and was published on 12/26/2014 AD corresponding to 3/4/1436 AH Where the system includes the following: Chapter One: Definitions, objectives, cases of abuse and neglect. (phrases and expressions mentioned in the system, the objectives of the system, cases that are considered abuse or neglect if the child is exposed to one of them, cases in which the child is considered at risk of delinquency if the child is exposed to one of them) Chapter Two: The right of the child to protection. Chapter Three: Prohibitions related to child protection. Chapter Four: The child's right to care and responsibility towards him. Chapter Five: Reporting and examining violations of the law, its regulations, and the time it takes effect. Press here

  • What are the stages of reporting within the Domestic Violence Reporting Center?

    The report of abuse and domestic violence goes through several stages since it was received by the Reporting and Domestic Violence Center (1919) until the closure of the case. 1- The communication receives trained psychologists and social workers. 2- Communication channels are opened with the protection and rescue agencies linked to the communications center, as required by the case (police - protection units from abuse). 3- If necessary, the case is referred to the security authorities to investigate the case through the communications center or through the protection units. 4- Through the protection units, shelter, social, psychological and health services are provided. 5- Through the Communications Center, family, psychological and social counseling is provided and the case is followed up until it stabilizes. 6- In the case of dangerous communications, the communication is referred to the competent authorities (Police - Public Prosecution - Ambulance if necessary). 7- The communication is followed up with the competent authorities, and legal support is provided if necessary.
  • What is the role of the non-profit sector in cases of domestic violence?

    The charitable sector plays an important and influential role in trying to reduce cases of domestic violence, including:

    1- Raising awareness of ways to prevent domestic violence.

    2- Preparing training programs for male and female social protection employees.

    3- Holding workshops to train specialists in the relevant authorities.

    4- Conducting training courses and workshops for groups who are about to get married.

    5- Converting some NGO headquarters into protection units in areas where there are no protection units.

  • What are the categories served by the Domestic Violence Reporting Center?

    The Domestic Violence Reports Center deals with all reports of domestic violence within the family, whether from citizens or residents, and serves women of all age groups within the family, children under the age of eighteen, inside and outside the family, the elderly from sixty years and over within the family, and people with disabilities

  • What are the services provided by the Domestic Violence Reporting Center?

    1. Receiving reports in complete confidentiality from citizens and residents from all regions of the Kingdom about cases of abuse, whether from people or from external parties.
    2. The center refers the reports to the family protection units located in various regions of the Kingdom, after classifying and determining the degree of severity.
    3. If the case of abuse requires urgent intervention, the communications center will coordinate immediately with the security authorities providing family counseling.
    4. Inquiries and follow-up of previous communications.
  • What are the contact hours for the Domestic Violence Reporting Center?

    The Domestic Violence Reporting Center receives all reports received by the toll-free number (1919) or by e-mail 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and on public holidays also on the official Twitter account https://twitter.com/hrsd_1919

  • Who are the target group of the security scene issuance service?

    The primary beneficiaries and their dependents in the security pension service

  • How can I submit an application for a letter of support for exemption of visa fees?

    Please see the user manual for the service.
  • Who are the target group of the letter of endorsement service for exemption of visa fees?

    people with disabilities
  • what is Visa exemption service for people with disabilities

    An e-service that enables persons with disabilities registered with the Ministry and whose disability has been assessed to submit a request to obtain a letter of endorsement for exempting visa fees for persons with disabilities according to the terms and conditions.

  • How can you benefit from the facility license data update service?

    1.    It is allowed to enter the commercial registration license only if it has not been entered before, and it is not allowed to change the commercial registration number
    2.  It is allowed to update the data of an unexpired license
  • The domain of the establishment is red. Is it possible to submit a request to open a sub-establishment file?

    The service is available for green and above

  • Is it allowed to use the commercial register more than once?

    The commercial registration number cannot be repeated at the Kingdom level for all existing establishments

  • Are licenses allowed to be used more than once?

    It is not allowed to use the same license more than once at the labor office level

  • What is the procedure that will take place in the event that you have a previous sole proprietorship and its status is “non-existing” and you submit a request to open a new main establishment file

    In the event that the facility has not previously existed for the owner of the facility and he is currently opening a new facility, the unified number will be the same as the first number established for the owner of the facility

  • Is it required to visit the labor office to bring documents and papers?

    No, it is not required to visit the labor office to bring the documents and papers, as through the service, documents and papers are attached to the request to open an establishment file as attachments.

  • When is the medical device subsidy paid?

    After the request is registered from the Aid Unit (the current time), it is automatically recorded on the waiting list until a new payment is prepared for disbursement, and it is usually the month following the registration of the request.

  • What is the disability assessment service?

    An electronic service that enables persons with disabilities registered with the Ministry to open a profile in the Ministry

  • How can other entities check the validity of the certificate?

    Other entities can check the validity of the certificate through the following:

    • Scanning the QR code on displayed on the certificate so that certificate information will appear and they can compare it


    • Going to the ministry website and enter the ID number of the beneficiary and the date of birth.
  • How can I get the service?

    Through ministry of labor and social development online portal or through the ministry branches.

  • Who are the targeted people?

    Disabled people.

  • What is issue disability certificate service?

    Issue disability certificate service allows registered beneficiaries who have their disability evaluated to apply and issue the certificate online with the beneficiary information. This certificate is certificated and endorsed by the ministry of labor and social development according to terms and conciliations.

    The service allows the beneficiary to print the certificate immediately or send it to their email as PDF.

  • How can I follow up my application status?

    You can trace your application status through the e-Services portal under “ Talabaty” icon

  • 5- What are the maximum size of attached files?

    The size of attached files must not exceed 2MB.

  • What are the accepted file formats for uploading the files?

    The accepted file formats are (JPG, JPEG, and PDF).

  • How to apply for “Financial subsidy service for people with disability"?

    Please review the handbook of service. 

  • Who is the targeted beneficiaries for “Financial subsidy service for people with disability"?

    The people with disability.

  • What is a “Disability Benefit” service?

    1. It is an electronic service, which enables people with disability who currently registered as beneficiaries to apply for the “Financial subsidy service for people with disability.” to get a monthly subsidy according to the terms and conditions.
  • Should I apply for the “Disability Evolution” service without uploading the medical report?

    No, you cannot applied for this service without upload your medical report.

  • How to apply for “Disability Evaluation” service?

    The applying steps described in details on the user guide for this service.

  • Who is the targeted beneficiaries for “Disability Evaluation” service?

    The people with disability.

  • Can I recruit for an activity that has transferred sponsorship workers ?

    Recruitment is not prevented if the establishment is in need of employment and this will be checked through field preview.
  • Why there is a certain number of visas for construction activities in foundation stage and everyone wants to increase this number?

    To ensure the seriousness of the owner of the establishment as well as reduce the recruitment of labor for this activity.
  • What is the possibility of exemption the planned percentage in the agriculture and livestock sector?

    If the intention (nationality ratios) it is specified by instructions issued by the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Labor offices demand support from its contractors while it is not giving them full support?

    supporting is not an acquired right of the employer, but the actual need of the competent labor office and supported letters issued by the government agencies are estimated to be taken into consideration when assessing the actual need.
  • What are the procedures in the case of subcontracts?

    Agency circulation No. 18,481/8 dated 17/12/1423 H, was issued to set out the procedures.
  • Are escaped labors compensated?

    It is compensated if the Labor Office is convinced that the establishment needs to employ to compensate for escaped labors.
  • Building permissions are considered a justification to apply for recruitment, what is the validity period?

    It is considered a justification for the application for recruitment. If more than one year has passed since the building permission, the municipality must verify the constructions under this license.
  • What is the time limit to pay for the approved visa fees?

    There is no time limit for paying fees
  • What are the file opening requirements and conditions for each activity?

    The requirements and conditions for opening the file are illustrated in the computer form.
  • Can the Office cancel the visa after issuing it, if there is no headquarter for the establishment?

    The office cannot cancel the visas after issuing them only at the request of the owner of the establishment. In case there is no headquarter for the establishment or there is a statement from the regional secretariat that the person evacuated the shop. The applicant should be called and informed that his case should be corrected first. If he does not respond to the office, it is necessary to raise the case to the Ministry to take the appropriate action because cancellation needs payment of new fees.
  • Is seasonal employment treated the same as permanent employment when estimating the needs and committing to the planned number from agriculture?

    Advocations issued by government agencies are not binding on the labor offices but rather are for consultation. Actual need is required when estimating the actual requirement of the required number.
  • Is women or student permitted to apply recruitment for shepherring activities?

    Yes they are permitted.
  • In the absence of a legal agent for a women and she wish to follow up on her own request, is it possible even though she is added in a family book?

    A woman may follow up her own application through the Women's labor Office.
  • What are the reasons and motives to prevent recruitment in some activities, especially the sale?

    The objective is to create employment opportunities for citizens.
  • If an employer submits a requirement application for a specific activity, why he is requested to renew all licenses for the branches?

    It is required to renew all licenses of other branches to ensure that the establishments are still in place and are doing their work as well as knowing the fate of previous employment. So that the purpose will not just be to obtain a greater number of visas.
  • What is the validity of the final exit certificates to compensate for?

    The validity of the final exit certificate is not specified and is not considered an acquired right of the employer to compensate for it, but it is upon establishment needs.
  • Are services offices allowed to do tracking job for large companies?

    Tracking job is allowed on establishments whose number of workers is less than fifty. The regulation was issued to practice this job in government authorities on 29/10/1424 AH No. 17759/8 and reporting to the labor offices