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  • Recognition of foreign education

  • Applying for benefits

  • Persons with disability and Medical equipment subsidy

  • How can other entities check the validity of the certificate?

    Other entities can check the validity of the certificate through the following:

    • Scanning the QR code on displayed on the certificate so that certificate information will appear and they can compare it


    • Going to the ministry website and enter the ID number of the beneficiary and the date of birth.
  • How can I get the service?

    Through ministry of labor and social development online portal or through the ministry branches.

  • Who are the targeted people?

    Disabled people.

  • What is issue disability certificate service?

    Issue disability certificate service allows registered beneficiaries who have their disability evaluated to apply and issue the certificate online with the beneficiary information. This certificate is certificated and endorsed by the ministry of labor and social development according to terms and conciliations.

    The service allows the beneficiary to print the certificate immediately or send it to their email as PDF.

  • How can I follow up my application status?

    You can trace your application status through the e-Services portal under “ Talabaty” icon

  • 5- What are the maximum size of attached files?

    The size of attached files must not exceed 2MB.

  • What are the accepted file formats for uploading the files?

    The accepted file formats are (JPG, JPEG, and PDF).

  • How to apply for “Financial subsidy service for people with disability"?

    Please review the handbook of service. 

  • Who is the targeted beneficiaries for “Financial subsidy service for people with disability"?

    The people with disability.

  • What is a “Disability Benefit” service?

    1. It is an electronic service, which enables people with disability who currently registered as beneficiaries to apply for the “Financial subsidy service for people with disability.” to get a monthly subsidy according to the terms and conditions.
  • Can I recruit for an activity that has transferred sponsorship workers ?

    Recruitment is not prevented if the establishment is in need of employment and this will be checked through field preview.
  • Why there is a certain number of visas for construction activities in foundation stage and everyone wants to increase this number?

    To ensure the seriousness of the owner of the establishment as well as reduce the recruitment of labor for this activity.
  • What is the possibility of exemption the planned percentage in the agriculture and livestock sector?

    If the intention (nationality ratios) it is specified by instructions issued by the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Labor offices demand support from its contractors while it is not giving them full support?

    supporting is not an acquired right of the employer, but the actual need of the competent labor office and supported letters issued by the government agencies are estimated to be taken into consideration when assessing the actual need.
  • What are the procedures in the case of subcontracts?

    Agency circulation No. 18,481/8 dated 17/12/1423 H, was issued to set out the procedures.
  • Are escaped labors compensated?

    It is compensated if the Labor Office is convinced that the establishment needs to employ to compensate for escaped labors.
  • Building permissions are considered a justification to apply for recruitment, what is the validity period?

    It is considered a justification for the application for recruitment. If more than one year has passed since the building permission, the municipality must verify the constructions under this license.
  • What is the time limit to pay for the approved visa fees?

    There is no time limit for paying fees
  • What are the file opening requirements and conditions for each activity?

    The requirements and conditions for opening the file are illustrated in the computer form.
  • Can the Office cancel the visa after issuing it, if there is no headquarter for the establishment?

    The office cannot cancel the visas after issuing them only at the request of the owner of the establishment. In case there is no headquarter for the establishment or there is a statement from the regional secretariat that the person evacuated the shop. The applicant should be called and informed that his case should be corrected first. If he does not respond to the office, it is necessary to raise the case to the Ministry to take the appropriate action because cancellation needs payment of new fees.
  • Is seasonal employment treated the same as permanent employment when estimating the needs and committing to the planned number from agriculture?

    Advocations issued by government agencies are not binding on the labor offices but rather are for consultation. Actual need is required when estimating the actual requirement of the required number.
  • Is women or student permitted to apply recruitment for shepherring activities?

    Yes they are permitted.
  • In the absence of a legal agent for a women and she wish to follow up on her own request, is it possible even though she is added in a family book?

    A woman may follow up her own application through the Women's labor Office.
  • What are the reasons and motives to prevent recruitment in some activities, especially the sale?

    The objective is to create employment opportunities for citizens.
  • If an employer submits a requirement application for a specific activity, why he is requested to renew all licenses for the branches?

    It is required to renew all licenses of other branches to ensure that the establishments are still in place and are doing their work as well as knowing the fate of previous employment. So that the purpose will not just be to obtain a greater number of visas.
  • What is the validity of the final exit certificates to compensate for?

    The validity of the final exit certificate is not specified and is not considered an acquired right of the employer to compensate for it, but it is upon establishment needs.
  • Are services offices allowed to do tracking job for large companies?

    Tracking job is allowed on establishments whose number of workers is less than fifty. The regulation was issued to practice this job in government authorities on 29/10/1424 AH No. 17759/8 and reporting to the labor offices