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Last Update 25 Jul 2017

Initiative Description

Establishment of a university and a hospital of a Non-profit nature with a capital of two billion SR ( One billion for each one of them). That could be carried out through the revision of the legislations and the by-laws pertaining to the health and education institutions including the by-laws of the ministry of education (By-law of Non-profit colleges foundations), the ministry of health by-law which is related to the foundation of the Non-profit hospitals and health centers. It aslo includes revision and amendment of the By-laws pertaining to the MLSD in order to make them more flexible with the specialized grossroot organizations that manage medical schools or colleges and hospitals which are founded by a body corporate in addition to create a flexible investing manual related to that. This initiative includes cooperation with grossroot organizations and private sector's investors who shown their interests and readiness to to invest in these fields, recognizing the suggested improvement aspects in order to be changed directly . It is noteworthy stating those amendments on the by-laws will be positively reflected on the sector size and the investment in it and consequently creates new future opportunities to found this type of associationns and institutions.