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Last Update 25 Jul 2017

Initiative Description

Establishment and activation of the departments to manage voluntary in the Non-profit sector organizations where this sector concerns with determining the organization's voluntary requirements, providing the organization with the voluntary opportunities , polarization of the volunteers and recruiting them in accordance with their abilities and the organization needs in addition to providing the opporunities .The department will also be responsible for the volunteers' rehabilitation and training in accordance with the tasks besides foolowing up the volunteer during his/her performance and honoring him /her and publishing his/her achievements after finishing the specific voluntary work.The initiative includes laying down , unifying the systems manuals,boosting the concept of the specialized voluntary through HARON'S program which contributes involving the persons with experience and specialization in the related organizations in a manner that meets the needs and requirements in addition to enabling those volunteers to specialize deeply. This initiative also integrates with the HRDF training programs to empower the volunteers.