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Last Update 25 Jul 2017

Initiative Description

Voluntary work is considered of the main aspects of in developing the communities where the voluntay impacts are positively reflected on the individual and it leads to the reinforcement of the bond and coherence among the individuals of the community or society and it is also charachterized by the economic effectiveness and feasibility on the whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Proceeding from the reinforcement of this aspect , it is of a high necessity to activate and boost the initiative of motivating and spreading the voluntary culture in the community through a packet of projects such as :

  • Design and launching inclusive education campaigns to motivate people to volunteer besides explaining the postive impact of voluntary on the individual and the community.
  • Creating , activating and launching a national elctronic platform for the volunteers in K.S.A in order to facilitate the voluntary process among the the people interested in the voluntary and the grossroot agencies.
  • Partnership with the educational institutions ,social insitiutions and the govenmental institutions to boost and develop the voluntary in order to spread the culture and awarness of the voluntary work.
  • Creating a packet of incentives or motivations for the volunteers in the NOn-profit sector through the joint efforts with the related parties.
  • This initiative also integrates with the training programs of the HRDF to empower the volunteers.