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Saudi Arabia to host the 41st Meeting for Arab Ministers of Social Affairs Council in Riyadh Saudi Arabia to host the 41st Meeting for Arab Ministers of Social Affairs Council in Riyadh
Date Last Update 16 Dec 2021
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Saudi Arabia to host the 41st Meeting for Arab Ministers of Social Affairs Council in Riyadh


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will host next week the 41st meeting for the Arab Ministers of Social Affairs Council, and the Conference for the Management of Social Transformation Program for Social Affairs’ Arab Ministers (MOST) in Riyadh, during 20-23 December 2021.

H.E. Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Eng. Ahmed Bin Sulaiman Al-Rajhi, will inaugurate the activities for the conference and forum, marking the first event of its kind in the region. The event will bring together all ministerial councils of social sectors at the ministerial level and key senior officials, to discuss ways to recover from Covid-19, and support Arab efforts to implement the sustainable development plan 2030.

The 41st edition of the Ministerial Meeting will be held under the Kingdom’s chairmanship, and in the presence and participation of Arab Ministers of Social Affairs, while the conference and forum will see a participation from Heads of the Executive Offices of the Specialized Arab Ministerial Councils for Health, Youth and Sports, as well as officials from the concerned UN agencies, led by UNESCO, and a number of heads and directors of various Arab organizations.

The meeting will focus on a number of important issues, representing the main priorities for joint Arab social development work, preparing the social development for the upcoming Arab summit, the implementation of the social dimensions of the 2030 sustainable development plan, regarding multi-dimensional poverty-related issues, the disabled and the elderly. In addition, it will discuss issues related to family, childhood and other important topics that affect the life of people in the Arab world.

MOST will stress the significance of recovering from the pandemic, and highlight it as an importantand advanced priority for people’s lives in the Arab world and worldwide. It will also discuss two main scientific papers from the League of Arab States and UNESCO, in addition to Covid-19 and its impact on multidimensional poverty in the Arab countries, concluding with a declaration to be submitted to the next Arab summit to obtain the necessary support and guidance, which aim to have a positive impact on the lives or people in the entire Arab world

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