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About Social Security Agency

Ministry of Social Affairs, represented by the Social Security Agency seeks to ensure decent life for social security families, through cash and support programs, in accordance with easily accessible procedures, and committed to the principle of (We reach the beneficiary instead of he/she does). In order to achieve the mission of the Social Security Agency (We study persons in need cases confidentially, and fulfill their needs easily). The Ministry offers pension and support programs for the beneficiaries of the Social Security Agency, which are (divorcees, orphans, widows, disabled, families of prisoners, women in suspense, abandoned, and who has no breadwinner).


Main principles of work of Social Security Agency:

  1. Achieve financial support for groups of beneficiaries.
  2. Achieve in-kind support for groups of beneficiaries.
  3. Establish social partnership with government and private companies and institutions to recruit the children of beneficiaries.
  4. Support productive projects of security productive families.
  5. Improve housing environment through furnishing program.
  6. Emphasis on performance quality in the agency and its branch offices.
  7. Look for the abstinent.

Rehabilitation and training of the employees of the Agency.

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