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Last Update 18 Mar 2021


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Benefits of registering in the portal

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development is keen to make the best use of the services provided on its portal. We invite all users of the Ministry's services to register in the portal to benefit from the many advantages which include:

  • Facilitate new service request steps so that you do not have to enter your personal data at a time.
  • The ease of identity verification through the electronic link with the National Information Center ensures a documented service and high protection for the beneficiaries of the services provided through the portal of the ministry.
  • The ease of communication between the Ministry and the beneficiary through the registered email or mobile number approved to benefit from the campaigns of the Ministry of awareness or periodic announcements.
  • Facilitate the process of retrieving the data of previous applications and the procedures that have been carried out, allowing the beneficiary to use it as a reference to his data at any time.
  • Stay informed about the latest developments on any application is underway and know the status and procedures that are done by SMS.

All services include a brief description of the service, in addition to the procedures and documents required, if any. The ease and convenience of the user has been taken into consideration by linking the relevant services and general information.

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