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Customer Experience Agency

Short Brief about the Agency:

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (HRSD) is the first governmental authority in the Kingdom to establish a customer experience agency in 2019. The establishment of a customer experience agency comes in line with the Kingdom Vision 2030, in the need to work in accordance with global and international labor standards to provide a service that lives up to the customer’s ambition and the HRSD’s position and pivotal role in the change journey in the Kingdom. In addition, the agency has been established to improve customers’ experiences and overcoming all the difficulties they face when benefiting from the various services of HRSD.

Agency Goals:

Facilitating the access of the HRSD's services to its beneficiaries according to the highest quality standards.

Getting the customer involved in policy-making, decision-making and evaluation of the quality of services provided to them

Developing proactive and interactive digital tools and provide many interactive communication channels and customer care

Developing customer experience strategy, supervising initiatives, and monitoring performance and quality to ensure a smooth customer experience

Positively strengthening the relationship with the various media by highlighting the achievements and services of HRSD.

Using digital transformation and making the beneficiaries’ journey to access the HRSD services easy.

Working with different governmental authorities to facilitate and provide the digital services in a consolidated manner

Establishing transparency and shortening time according to the highest quality standards.

Agency Departments:

Customer Care Department:

Enriching the transformation in the customer experience and taking care of it by raising the quality of government services provided to individuals, providing many interactive channels, using proactive and interactive digital tools, providing many interactive channels such as the call center, and enhancing community participation by involving the public in policy-making, decision-making and quality assessment for the services provided to them.

Customer Experience Department:

Customer Experience Department is concerned with directing, organizing, empowering, governance, and supervising the beneficiary’s experience in HRSD to ensure the provision of effective and permanent renewable services, proactive and intelligent services that meets the needs of the beneficiaries, interconnected and integrated services that achieve a smooth, positive, integrated and customized experience for their preferences and meet their needs and aspirations and achieve their satisfaction and happiness.

Product Innovation and Services Development Department:

It is product innovation, follow-up and development of services, the development of ideas, initiatives and activities aiming at improving performance, business development, needs analysis, and using measurement tools to facilitate the customer's journey in HRSD, using the best means of digital transformation to meet the requirements of its customers.

Corporate Communication Department:

Corporate Communication Department seeks to positively strengthen the relationship with the various media by highlighting the achievements, programs and initiatives of HRSD. The Department also communicates effectively with governmental authorities and the private sector for media campaigns, news coverage and development of appropriate designs, in addition to holding and organizing conferences, seminars, forums and events for HRSD.

Citizen Account Program:

Citizen Account Program has been developed to protect the Saudi households from the direct and indirect effect of different economic reforms that may cause an additional burden on certain categories of society.


 (Bronze Prize for the best Customer Voice Program for 2020).

(Golden Prize for the Customer Experience Leader for 2020).

Fifth Level in assessment of the National Center for Performance Management - ADAA “Corporate Maturity in Customer Experience Management, 2021.

To this end, the Agency applies an integral and developed policies and monitoring tools, effective and automated procedures. The Agency complies, during performance of its functions, with impartiality, confidentiality and independence.


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