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Last Update 31 Oct 2022


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Consultation on Laws and Regulations | Public Consultation Platform - Istitlaa

The Ministry of Human Resources and Development (HRSD) is keen to enable members, the private sector and governmental entities to express their views and opinions on draft laws and regulations and so they can express opinion on the proposed drafts before their approval. The platform contains all current (open) and future (planned) survey projects. It encourages you to share your views and ideas on proposals to laws and regulations before approval. You will also find the results of previous consultations (archived) on the platform.

You can access all survey projects about laws and regulations using this link​, which prepared by HRSD and published on the public consultation platform - Istitlaa

 Consulting on Strategies and other Initiatives:

HRSD also seeks to hear the voices of citizens and residents on other issues of great importance to our society and our country, particularly those related to policies, strategies, services, and other initiatives.


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