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One of the goals of the National Transformation Program in the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (HRSD), represented by the Social Insurance and Empowerment Agency, is empowerment, which means: “Rehabilitation and empowerment of the social insurance beneficiaries eligible for rehabilitation and able to work to get integrated into the labor market, become self-independent to be productive and financially-independent persons by coordination with partners in the governmental, private and non-profit sectors to develop and recruit programs and empowerment opportunities.”


Empowerment Paths:

The beneficiaries of the social services system (social insurance) may define the path appropriate for their skills and qualifications. Empowerment paths are divided into the following:

Training and Rehabilitation Path:

Rehabilitation and training of the beneficiaries of the social insurance that are able to work through programs and work with HRSD branches to develop plans, follow up the case and direct the beneficiary to the executive partners. This shall include the health rehabilitation concerned with physical, psychiatric and social rehabilitation.

Employment Path:

Alignment between the labor market requirements and requirements of those looking for a job via employment opportunities offered by the empowerment partners

Work Empowerment:

Path of productive projects and entrepreneurship​

It contributes, in cooperation with the funding authorities, to provide financial support to the beneficiaries of social insurance to implement their individual and group projects to improve their social and economic levels.

Beneficiary’s accessibility to the supporting and funding authorities, business accelerators and incubators, which provide many facilities and solutions to the emerging and existing projects by providing many solutions:

Financial Solutions

Advisory Solutions

Administrative Solutions

To register in Empowerment Paths, ( click here )

Interactive map for social insurance beneficiaries for 2021 click here.

Empowering the social insurance beneficiaries able to work through the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf)  click here.



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