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The Green Government

The Ministry of Labor is keen to facilitate and ease the access to its services from any place and at any time, and generate economic value in terms of speed in meeting the needs of the private sector and individuals, and save time and effort exerted by the Ministry's staff, and the completion of citizen transactions as quickly as required, the Ministry of Labor has become one of the most important services sectors in the Kingdom, which relies entirely on the system of electronic transactions in all sectors, where the Ministry announced that all transactions in the offices in the regions will be electronic online and there will be no need to visit any office when issuing visas or other. The programs of “Netaqat” and “Hafez” come as an evidence that the Ministry has made a large step on the transformation to the application of the electronic transactions program. Where all the procedures of registration and follow-up is made in an electronic manner, and the ministry has e-recruitment, which requires the registration on it in order to know the qualifications and the skills required for the job, or in the job applicant, and the nomination of facilities, which in turn displays the available job vacancies it might have.

In 1432 AH, the ministry introduced several electronic services, the most important of which is the transfer of labor between the branches of the unified number and the service of transferring the service from the employer to another employer and the service of the management of the powers of the commissioners as well as the electronic recruitment of excellent excellent facilities range (will be launched soon). The service of evaluating the facilities in order to know the range and the service of changing the activity of the facility as well as the service of changing the profession of the worker and the service of issuing work permits.

In order to provide high-quality services to its employees without papers, the Ministry announced an internal electronic communication system that will take care of the ministry's employees through a package of electronic services to reach the provision of superior services without papers through specific steps, the most important one is the virtual office of the employee towards the Ministry of paperless, and by activating the electronic transaction, which will save effort and time , in addition to the electronic communications system (the new administrative communication system), as well as the human resources system, the electronic services for employees, and then the comprehensive communication. There is also an electronic link between the Ministry of Labor and some relevant government agencies, including the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Interior (National Information Center), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Higher Education (Saudi Universities and Colleges), Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (Municipalities and Secretariats), Ministry of Social Affairs (Ministry's Agency for Social Insurance), Ministry of Education, Ministry of Civil Service, General Organization for Retirement, General Organization for Social Insurance,  General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training, and Human Resources Development Fund”.

The Ministry of Labor intends to launch the "Agair Service" soon to improve the performance of the employment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is concerned with organizing labor work in the Kingdom. The aim of the system is to limit the trade in visas, reduce the number of bulk workers and improve the quality of regular resident workers. This came during the introductory workshop for the service which was held last Wednesday in the city of Riyadh in the presence of a number of leaders in the ministry, and representatives of recruitment companies
The ministry has completed the launch of the first phase of the service through its electronic system, which linked the recruitment companies to the systems of the ministry to ensure its effectiveness on the ground, which reflect in a positive impact on the developmental and economic progress of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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