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Human Resources Agency

Human Resources Agency

About the agency:

Human Resources Agency in the  Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development is concerned with all matters that raises the efficiency and effectiveness of human resources in the Ministry and ensures the application of its own laws, regulations and manuals.

Agency Vision:

A role model in human resources and an example to follow in a distinct work environment

Agency Message:

A strategic partner supporting sectors of the Ministry in order to empower high productivity through attracting, developing, maintain and achieving excellence in all domains of human resources and continuously improving the employee experience

The Human Resources Agency has 6 main goals to support the achievement of the vision and message through 16 initiatives and 69 projects

Agency Goals:

Achieving the transformation process of human resources in the Ministry at the level of employees, improving the work environment and developing the main components of human resources in order to build sustainable human resources development plans.

Building the system of change, development and encouraging individuals to change and enhance comprehensive work environment and employees involvement.

Activating talent management, organizational development efforts, the recruitment process, developing appropriate retention strategies, and developing training and succession plans in the Ministry.

Creating strategic partnerships with all agencies in the Ministry and the offices of His Excellency through effective management of human resources business partners.

Planning budgets related to annual human resources and labor necessary for all sectors of the Ministry.

Activating the model of human resources business partnership whereby business partners are appointed in the sectors in order to support them in various matters related to human resources.

Activating the annual employment plan for all sectors of the Ministry while taking into consideration the work requirements and the comprehensive annual labor plan.

Activating development functional plan at all levels and integrating guidelines supporting the development and management of the competency framework in the Ministry.

Activating succession programs for all levels and including systems supporting competencies management and their growth in the Ministry.

Training and developing Ministry’s employees based on required competencies for  their career progression and developing technical and leadership skills.

Coordination with human resources units that support branches in regions to make sure that they are fully prepared to provide services to all branch’s employees.

Creating methods of communications with all employees regularly via various internal channels and providing a platform for employees to raise any issues or concerns.

Agency departments:

General Directorate of Human Resources

General Directorate of Performance and Development

General Directorate of Manpower Planning

General Directorate of Strategy and Change in Human Resources

General Directorate of Human Resources Empowerment

Directorate Businesses Partner for Human Resources

Goals of the Agency:

Empowering the Ministry's transition to a regulatory and supervisory role

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of performance management 

Attracting, building, and marinating competencies, focusing on training and developing employees and building their capabilities

Planning the Ministry's labor effectively to support its strategic direction

Ensuring a stimulating and attractive work environment

Enhancing level of awareness and communication

Agency Initiatives:

The initiative for engaging employees and enhancing communication between leaders and employees

The Initiative of comprehensive framework for developing and training the Ministry's employees

The Initiative of building an integrated system for managing performance and evaluating employees

The Initiative of designing and activating a comprehensive methodology for change management in the Ministry

The Initiative of designing and updating organization structures, roles and responsibilities

The Initiative of developing human resources strategy and a road map of operational model for the Ministry

The Initiative of developing a framework for diversity, comprehensiveness, standards of excellence and governance

The Initiative of systems development and human resources automation

The Initiative of developing and designing a succession planning framework in addition to relevant policies and governance framework

 The Initiative of developing and designing frameworks, mechanisms and programs for employee retention, appreciating and motivating distinguished employees

The Initiative of developing and designing frameworks, mechanisms and programs for career mentoring to employees

The Initiative of developing and designing an integrated mechanism to transfer and apply expertise and knowledge

The Initiative of enhancing the Ministry's values, culture and practices of quality and organizational excellence

The Initiative of designing, developing and activating frameworks and strategic plans for labor

The Initiative of building, attracting and retaining human capabilities

 The Initiative of transformation in human resources



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