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Last Update 28 Oct 2020


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Information Security

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has paid great attention to the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030. One of its targets was transformation towards digital world and development of digital infrastructure. Whereas this transformation requires the flow of information, its security and the integrity of their systems, the information security department of the Ministry recently has been restructured to go along with the essential cybersecurity controls provided by the National Cybersecurity Authority (ECC).


It aims to provide the minimum essential requirements for information security to ensure that the risks associated with it on Information & technical assets are reduced, and to achieve the basic objectives of protection, which is:

  •   Confidentiality of information.
  •   Integrity of information.
  •   Availability of information.


  • The achievement of these objectives shall be through the following:
  • Build an integrated strategy that includes risk assessment and analysis and ensure that the safety and security of all systems continuously.
  • Ability to discover and facing cyber-attacks and breakthrough attempts and dealing with them quickly to prevent their occurrence or reduce their effects.
  • Implementing interactive awareness programs of information security for all Ministry employees.

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