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Labor Market Policy Agency

Labor Market Policy Agency

About the agency: 

Labor Market Policy Agency is one of the agencies related to the labor sector in the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. The agency is a center for making, evaluating and developing general policies for the labor market within the Ministry.

The Agency aims at guaranteeing the functioning and fairness of the labor market and enhancing its competitiveness and attractiveness by relying on the best statistical and research methods, international and modern scientific practices in policy-making, and sound economic visions, taking into consideration the necessity for strategic planning and continuous evaluation of the influence of these policies, in line with Vision 2030 and the strategic goals of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

 Labor Market Policy Agency includes the following:

General Directorate of Labor Market Laws and Regulations:

It works on evaluating the performance and effectiveness of work laws and regulations to determine the clauses need to be prepared or updated, working on developing, announcing and enabling their implementation.

And Assistance Agency for Policy and Data

Supervising on application of general policies, reviewing their impact and developing the same in the Kingdom according to sound principles and social fairness for the purpose of achieving the best use of national human resources and supervising developing and applying policies relating economic activities and localization percentages. It includes:

General Directorate of Business Strategy.

General Directorate of Labor Market Policies and Standards:

General Directorate of Labor Market Research and Statistics:

General Directorate of Policies Evaluation:

Tasks of Labor Market Policy Agency:

Designing and developing policies, programs and work procedures for the private sector and following up on their implementation.

Measuring the impact of these policies, following up on their feasibility, and ensuring their alignment and integration with the Ministry’s strategic plan, strategic directions, and general policies of the state and sister bodies in the human resources and social development system.

Participating in developing and suggesting national strategic plans necessary for regulating business sector in coordination with Ministry’s Agency for Strategic Affairs and achieving the vision.

Supervising on developing general policy for business affairs in the Kingdom in compliance with sound principles and social fairness in order to make the most of national human resources.

Supervising on developing and updating tools, templates and guidelines for drafting, updating, preparing and amending national labor laws and regulations.

Coordination among programs, policies related to cadres, localization, employment, rehabilitation and training to ensure the integration of these policies and programs so as to increase the creation of job opportunities and employment.

Preparing studies and research related to the labor sector and submitting the results to support the process of preparing policies and making relevant decisions.

Performing activities of research and development related to labor sector in cooperation with research centers inside and outside the Kingdom.

Following up and monitoring international practices and labor policies abroad, and studying the possibility of applying these practices or benefiting from them in the Saudi labor market.

Developing key performance indicator for each policy prior to approving them and ensuring conducting evaluations after their implementation in coordination with relevant functions.

Forging strategic partnerships and cooperation with various local, regional and global agencies concerned with women's empowerment in order to raise awareness of the significance of empowering women and achieving equal opportunities for both genders.

Coordination with concerned parties in sister organizations and other ministries in order to understand technical objectives and goals relating laws and policies formed and that have impact on labor market.

Supervising on following the implementation recommendations of researches to draw up plans, preparing policies and supporting decisions.

Goals of Labor Market Policy Agency:

Building and developing labor market policies.  

Verifying the feasibility of policies, ensuring their alignment and integration with the Ministry’s strategic plan.

Alignment of the Ministry's policies with the labor law and related regulations.

Alignment between international and local standards to raise the effectiveness of labor market.

Raising quality of policies via monitoring their impacts.



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