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Strategic Objectives

Upon the Ministry of labor and Social Development recognition of its role to achieve the national transformation program of vision 2030, the ministry sat 11 goals in order to meet the ambitious national vision, these goals are:  

  1. Increase the quality of provided services.
  2. Create a safe and attractive working environment.
  3. Provide decent jobs for citizens.
  4. Expansion of the sector and guide it to work in development area.
  5. Enabling volunteering work.
  6. Building the capabilities of those working in non-profit sector and judging them.
  7. Create an integrated family protection system.
  8. Improve the quality of the services and programs that are provided by the centers and institutions.
  9. Improve skill`s level that meets labor market.
  10. To direct efforts to ensure adequate housing for social security beneficiaries who are most in need of housing
  11.    Converting the provided users of the ministry from service recipients to producers.


The ministry of labor and development is committed to publish periodic reports (performance of first quarter of 2017) explaining the extent to which the ministry strategic objectives, the status of performance indicators and initiative progress in addition to performance justifications, and provides information about the problems and the main difficulties and challenges that facing the ministry



Ministry of Labor and Social Development archived strategy

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