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Sustainable Development

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development in its various works and activities relies on achieving the sustainable development, proceeding from its vision “An Efficient labor market generates productive and sustainable job opportunities which  polarize the workforce ” where the Ministry  is seeking seriously  to achieve the sustainability in its broader inclusive meaning  in all the services  it  provides including  the electronic services  in addition to what the Ministry  implements such as the transactions and internal procedures in a manner that enables to reshuffle  and restructure all its procedures in a way that allows  the sustainable renewal and the possibility of  the expansion ,updating  in addition to joining any other government agencies related to these procedures.

The Ministry of labor and Social Development work on implementing the sustainable development with its broader concept relying on well studied work plans through which the Ministry can utilize all the available human resources without consuming or exploiting the coming generation’s rights in these resources. In this respect the Ministry considers the economic, social and humanitarian dimensions in all the works implemented.

The basic elements of sustainability pertaining to the Ministry’s works are represented in the following:

The Economic Aspect:

The development of the Ministry’s works, and providing its services, in an easy accessible electronic way which boosts the economic development, save the time and efforts for the beneficiaries of the Ministry services in order to reflect that positively in all the Ministry’s plans and strategies to ensure achieving those plans and strategies in the required manner. Moreover the Ministry  upon launching any electronic service , it considers that the service should  be featured by the flexibility  in order to be  developed in the future  in case of the emergence e of  any new requirements  in addition to the possibility of linking  with any  other government agencies  if required in order to utilize  this service and its integration  to achieve its objectives.

The Social Aspect:

Working on the social works development and transfer from a servicing Ministry to a Ministry that considers the development as its main objective or goal where the Ministry‘s future plans and strategies on  the well-studied complete transformation  in its  works forms and the process of managing the Ministry’s units and centers so as to be a reference in the social development . And because the Ministry has shoulders its responsibilities of all the societies’ individuals therefore it relies in its plans on the complete cooperation with the society’s individuals and all the beneficiaries to make them participate with the government related agencies in evaluating its works and increasing the quality ratio of its outputs, products and initiatives that the Ministry launches or plans for  in order to transfer to the  social development instead of the  social service only.

 The Environmental Aspect

The environment preservation and conservation through depending on the technology  in implementing  the internal transactions and providing the services in an electronic way which means  an electronic services but not paper services are to be provided to the beneficiaries  wherever they are without the need to turn up or attend at the Ministry or any of its bureaus  and that will be reflected positively on the  environment  through reducing the use of the vehicles and consequently reducing the rates  of pollution.

The Ministry’s adoption to the concept of the sustainable developments has depended on a number of procedures such as:

  1. Balance between the needs and the available resources.
  2. Participation with the opinion and activating the society role (collaboration of the community’s opinions and suggestions).
  3. Setting detailed inclusive working the plans besides providing alternative solutions, precautionary measures and setting the workable goals.
  4. Increasing the public awareness about the works that the Ministry is carrying out in order to feature the beneficiary’s contributions represented in the community and the Ministry’s services with the positivity.
  5.  Activating the digital communication and strengthening the use of technology via the electronic service s facilitate the auditing and  control over  the quality in following up the community’s voice.

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