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Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment

The youth is the pillar of society

We can call the Saudi society as the society of young people, as the young people under the age of 30 years constitutes the greatest portion of the Kingdom's population, which makes them an essential base for economic and societal transformation and in all areas. The young people's exceptional capacities and continuing aspiration to positive change form a great power for success of the Kingdom's Vision 2030. It is not surprising that the young people (of both genders) are the most optimistic about objectives of Vision 2030 and engaged in its programs. The belief in visions and mega strategic projects always requires a deep understanding of its components and building bridges of knowledge in their accurate details to enhance confidence in their objectives and in those in charge of such visions and projects.

Young People and Kingdom's Vision 2030

Based on the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and its continuous bet on the Saudi promising young people being one of the key and largest basic groups in the Kingdom, and in its endeavor to achieve the Kingdom's Vision 2030, The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) launched many programs and projects to empower the young people within the programs and projects of National Transformation Initiatives with the aim of increasing the young people's participation socially and in labor market. In addition, MHRSD seeks to overcome all obstacles and utilize all capabilities to serve such important group of the society by creating a positive social perspective through vocational rehabilitation programs and various activities provided to them.


Career Incentives for Non-profit Sector Program

Among MHRSD's efforts in Workforce Rehabilitation Initiative, "Career Incentive for Non-profit Sector" Program comes to achieve a significant integration between objectives of human resources and objectives of social development, as the Program contributes to creating thousands of attractive qualitative jobs that maintain preservation of superior talents and attract more talents to non-profit sector, hence these talents contributes – in turn – to empowering the sector, improving work environment in it to be more capable to create attractive qualitative jobs.


MHRSD sought to launch "Career Incentive for Non-profit Sector Program" to contribute to achieving various strategic objectives. The key objectives are:

Contribute to reducing unemployment and creating thousands of new job opportunities.

Enhance influence of NPOs, and raise level of their contribution to GDP from 0.6 to 5% in accordance with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030

Increase participation of women in non-profit sector.



The Program creates thousands of attractive jobs that maintain preservation of superior talents and attract more talents in non-profit sector.

Human Resources

Career Incentive for Non-profit Sector Program

Social Development

The superior talents contribute to enabling non-profit sector and improving work environment to create more attractive jobs

Diagram of integration between objectives of human resource and objectives of social development



Ten incentives:

MHRSD implemented a comprehensive study to determine career incentives necessary for non-profit sector and came with a prolonged list reached to 39 incentives, where the ten priority incentives were highlighted. Accordingly, "Career Incentive for Non-profit Sector Program" was launched with the aim of developing an applicable organizational framework. These incentives can include some advantages:

Flexible Work Incentive: Flexible work arrangements in terms of place, time, days, etc.

Competitive Leave Incentive: Competitive policies that cover different types of leaves.

Diversified Employment Contracts Incentive: Providing several types of employment contracts that attract different categories of employees and observe the nature of their association, which contributes to raising the level of job security and attracting excelling talents.

Performance Appraisal and Payment Incentive: Professional appraisal of employees' performance and its reflection with advantages and returns for the employee and organization.

Health Insurance Incentive: Advancing insurance and health care covers and providing competitive and attractive benefits.

Pension Incentive: Providing multiple options for pension system within the social insurances.

Career Path and Professional Development Incentive: Designing career paths on professional bases to ensure professional development compassionate with career competencies, activating training programs therefor and regulating secondment of employees inside and outside the sector.

Finance Facility Incentive: Facilitating obtainment of finance facilities from banks, including, for example, finances of housing, cars, personal finances, etc.

Daycare Incentive: Providing appropriate support for daycare in the form of cash allowances or indirectly inside the organizations.

Improvement of Work Environment and Culture Incentive: Providing integrated solutions for improving work environment and culture in NPOs that observe the workplace, sound planning, policies and procedure manuals, developing level of transparency and accountability, measuring NPO's social impact, etc.

To download Program's profile, (Click here).


System of Government Employment for Young People

This ecosystem enables the Saudi jobseekers to register their personal data, qualifications and practical experiences, while attaching the necessary documents, in addition to providing service of e-application for vacant jobs announced by the government agencies that are compatible with their qualifications and majors. After that, data is electronically matched and audited, then such data is passed via E-Nomination System, after which the nomination points are displayed for all applicants in addition to their desires and jobs to which they are nominated. This ecosystem includes JADARAH and SAAID services, as the first service targets holders of bachelor's degree or above, and the second service targets jobseekers for support jobs.


Modern Work Patterns for Young People


Freelance Work

An initiative by MHRSD that aims to organize and stimulate the freelance work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to contribute to creating untraditional job opportunities for Saudi men and women. The program enables you to issue a freelance certificate through quick and easy procedures, and get benefit from the advantages and services provided, in addition to providing offers and discounts from success partners in order to facilitate work of freelancers who hold freelance certificates.


Flexible Work

Flexible work system for both the jobseeker and employer to flexibly contract with jobseekers, as the wage is calculated on an hourly basis, without being restricted to paid vacations or end-of-service benefits. In addition, no probationary period is required. The objective of freelance work in the flexible system is to create various job opportunities, and meet the requirements of private-sector enterprises of national human resources from the Saudi men and women.




Technology revolution played a role in fostering new cultures in the local labor market, as it is possible today to find job opportunities that overcome physical obstacles and connect employers with employees through a virtual workplace.

“Telework Program” is a national initiative supported by MHRSD seeking to create a local and flexible work environment that keeps pace with the developments in the global labor market.


The National Labor Gateway ‘Taqat’

The National Labor Gateway ‘Taqat’ is one of initiatives launched by the Human Resources Development Fund "HRDF" and supported by MHRSD. It provides a full-fledged platform for the private and public sectors as well as service providers in the Saudi labor market. Also, it brings together jobseekers and employers with offering effective and efficient services for employment and training that increase stability and up-skilling of Saudi nationals and give equal opportunities for all.


Masar Platform

Masar provides services to government agencies, employees and individuals to develop the human resources according to the Human Resources regulations. In addition, it is considered a technological arm for MHRSD that can be leveraged by public sector employees.


Support & Empowerment Programs:

SANED Program

The unemployment insurance scheme “SANED” provided by the General Organization for Social Insurance “GOSI” and supported by MHRSD is based on the patronage of the Saudi worker and his family during the period of unemployment for such reasons out of his control, where the program is intended to bridge the transitional gap between the previous job and the opportunity to obtain a new job, by providing a minimum income to provide him and his family a decent living as well as to provide the necessary training and help him find another job.


Hafiz Program

Hafiz Program is one the programs that support men and women jobseekers, who face difficulties in finding a job, as the Program provides the beneficiaries with integrated support system by training and qualifying the beneficiary, in addition to a monthly financial aid to be obtained by the jobseeker during his/her serious searching for a job.


Doroob Program

"Doroob" is a national platform for electronic training. It is HRDF-sponsored program aiming to raise the skills of private-sector employees and jobseekers who are on a quest to increase their chance to find jobs in the Saudi Job market.


Tamheer Program

Tamheer Program is on-the-job training program for Saudi graduates from local or international universities. It aims to provide them with training in government agencies and excelling private-sector companies to acquire work-based experiences and to prepare them for participation in labor market.


HRDF Academy for Leadership

The HRDF Academy for Leadership was established by the Human Recourses Development Fund in 1440 AH to prepare and develop future leaders in the private sector, and to ensure they lead their organizations as per the Kingdom Vision 2030 that corroborates the qualitative localization of leadership in terms of providing high-caliber leaders with excellent planning and innovation capabilities.


Youth and Volunteer Work

The volunteer work is the feature of vital societies for its role in activating the powers of society and enriching the country with the achievements and hands of its sons. From this point, MHRSD supported the establishment of a Saudi initiative for volunteer work that provides a safe environment, which serves and regulates the relationship between the entities providing volunteer opportunities and volunteers in the Kingdom. Through the same, MHRSD aims to:

Easy access to the volunteer opportunities by the volunteers.

Obtain notifications regarding volunteer opportunities according to the volunteer's interests.

Monitor and document volunteering hours.

Provide specialized volunteer opportunities that have social and economic influence.

MHRSD established and activated departments for managing volunteer in NPOs, where such departments are competent with determining NPO's volunteer requirements, providing volunteer opportunities for them, attracting and employing volunteers according to their capabilities and NPO's requirements and providing opportunities. In addition, the department qualifies and trains the volunteers as per the task, monitors them during performance, honors them and publishes their achievements after undertaking volunteer work. This initiative also includes setting and standardizing regulations and manuals, enhancing concept of specialized volunteer to contribute to engaging those experienced and specialized in related organizations and in a manner that contributes to meet the requirements and enabling them more. This initiative also integrates with the training programs in Human Resources Development Fund "HRDF" to empower the volunteers.


MHRSD's key services for young people group

E-Employment System (JADARAH)

Apply for Support Jobs (SAAID – Apply)

Register for Support Jobs (SAAID)

 Professional Employees Data (KAFA’AT)

Registration in Electronic Gate

Friendly Settlement for Labor Disputes

Inquiry about the Case Position Sent to Hafiz

Online Appointment Service

Entrepreneurs' Balance

Opening Enterprise's File


Sister entities that provide their services to young people

Human Resources Development Fund "HRDF"

Social Development Bank

General Organization for Social Insurance "GOSI"

Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority "Monsha'at"


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