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Last Update 06 May 2020
  • Beneficiaries: Individuals .
  • Sector: Social Development Sector .

Procedure Description

Conditions for admission to vocational rehabilitation centers: Should be physically, sensory or mentally disabled. Some dual disability cases of disabled persons may be accepted if it becomes apparent that they can be rehabilitated and being vacationed thereafter. The IQ in all categories should not be less than 50 degrees. The disabled person must be a Saudi national. A percentage of no more than 10% of the children of the Arab countries may be admitted within the limits of available means and with the approval of the General Administration for the Care and Rehabilitation of the Disabled. The disabled person must have completed the age of 15 years and not exceed forty-five at the time of application. The case must show the validity of vocational rehabilitation by the examinations and various studies Categories that have been accepted but are not limited to: Physically disabled category, such as those with amputations in the upper or lower extremities, paralytic, and heart patients. Deaf and dumb category, deaf category, dumb category, and the hearing-impaired category. Blind and visually impaired category. Category of tuberculosis. Mentally handicapped category: simple mental retardation and cases of improving persons with mental illness.

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