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Last Update 06 May 2020
  • Beneficiaries: Individuals .
  • Sector: Social Development Sector .

Procedure Description

Conditions of granting of a sticker card for traffic facilities for the disabled: 1. The disabled person must be a Saudi national or a regular resident. 2. The disability shall be physical or sensory disability, according to the criterion and degree of disability specified in the attached standards for the issuance of the traffic facilitation card, as determined by a specialized committee in the body authorized to issue the card. 3. The traffic facilitation card is being given to the disabled who has a permanent disability, and for those for those who suffer a temporary deficit it may be given a temporary card to benefit from a period of disability. 4. The sticker shall be issued to the private cars if they are owned by the disabled person, or by an official authorization of a specific period of time from the owner of the car if it is not owned by the disabled person. The sticker or parts of it shall be delivered after the completion of the authorization. 5- For the cars of government and private agencies, associations and centers that provide services for the disabled, a sticker will be issued to them based on an official letter to the authorized issuance party. The procedures for granting a sticker disabled facilities traffic card: 1 - Applicant to obtain a card / sticker traffic facilities (parking) must apply for one of the authorized entities to spend. 2 - Fill out the application form for the card / sticker traffic facilities through the authorized entity. 3 - Bring two latest solar photos of the applicant of the size of 2 * 3 cm for males (and for females under the age of ten years). 4 - Bring a copy of the national identity card, family book, or valid residence with the original to match. 5- The sticker shall be issued according to the copy of the form of the vehicle with the original for matching under the same conditions and procedures for issuance of the card.