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Service Description


The service of approving the transfer requests of dependents is one of the new services of the portal of individuals, which allows the user (Establishment Employees- the expatriates, Special Foreigners) to approve or reject the request to transfer the service to an establishment without the need to visit the Labor Office (the current procedure of the service).
1.The service of approving the transfer of a dependent service is available to users of the portal of individuals of the type of employees of establishments - expatriates, and special expatriate.
2.The service procedures shall begin with a request for the transfer of a completed service provided by the applicant requesting the transfer and pending approval or rejection by the individual portal user
(employees of establishments - expatriates, special expatriate).
3.The procedures of service shall be terminated with the approval or rejection of the user of the Individual Portal (the employees of establishments - expatriates, special expatriate) requesting the transfer of the service of the employee.

Time Anticipated to Close the Request: immediately

Required Documents

No required documents

Service Steps

  1. User logins to the system
  2. Select’s the service to approve the transfer of the dependent service
  3. The system displays the transfer request for the service which meets the following conditions:
  4. Status of request for transfer of service "pending the approval of guardians"
  5. Valid transfer of service request (not reached end date)
  6. The user views the service transfer request data
  7. The user may review the request for transfer of service
  8. The user clicks the Accept or Reject button to approve or reject the request
  9. The system displays a confirmation message for the user to confirm the status change
  10. The user confirms the request
  11. The system checks the user’s Abshir SMS code
  12. The system will modify the status of the transfer request and save the data according to the business rules.
  13. Historical applications of all dependents can be reviewed through the historical order record