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Service Description


The service provides the possibility of issuing a digital certificate for traffic facilities for persons with disabilities through the electronic portal by providing an electronic certificate, which enables them to use their designated parking locations throughout the Kingdom with ease. The service also makes it easier for the beneficiary to issue the certificate through the electronic portal, and print or send it to himself via e-mail in the form of a PDF file, therefore he does not need to visit the branch unless the beneficiary wishes to submit and receive a plastic card via the branch.
For the requester to be a disabled person

Eservices (Click here)  , this service provided through e-services only

Time Anticipated to Close the Request: Instant Service

If the request exceeded the specified time, you can follow up through Your voice is heard service

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Service Steps

1-    The beneficiary shall enter the electronic services portal
2-    The beneficiary will sign in by choosing the service from the list of electronic services.
3-    The system checks the existence of a valid electronic card for the beneficiary (More than 3 months remain before the card is expired).
4-    If there is no card or the card is invalid, he is directed to the sub procedure (Request for issuing a new card or renewal application)
5-    If a valid card is present, a digital certificate issued to the beneficiary is displayed with the possibility of:
a.    Print the certificate.
b.    Send the digital certificate in PDF format to the e-mail of the beneficiary after checking the presence of e-mail registered in user profile.

Service Files