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30 Days
Time anticipated to close the Request

Service Description


It is an electronic service, which enables people with disabilities who are currently registered in the ministry as beneficiaries to submit a request to updating their disability data, or the people with disabilities who are not registrar yet in the ministry to submit a request to register their disability data and registering them as beneficiaries of ministry to be able to benefits the services provided to people with disabilities.
Persons with disabilities.
Log in to the portal.
You should have a profile on the portal.

Time Anticipated to Close the Request: 30 days

If the request exceeded the specified time, you can follow up through Your voice is heard service

Required Documents

Medical report 

Service Steps

  1. Log in to the portal and select "Disability Evolution" services from electronic services.
  2. Fill out Disability Evolution's form and upload your medical report then submit the request.
  3. The request number and detail will be sent via text messag
  4. The status of a Disability Evolution can be tracked from option "My Requests".