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Service Description


This service allows citizens or legal entities to establish a national association without the need to consult the ministry or its branches. Service highlights: Electronic submission of the application by the applicant (representative of the founding members) Approval by founding members. Determination of the Board of Directors of the association Electronic communicate with the founding members (e-mail - text messages – service account). Issuance of the registration certificate of the association. Issuance of the basic regulations Issuance of the letter of formation of the Board

Eservices (Click here)  , this service provided through e-services only

Time Anticipated to Close the Order : 60 days  if it is not submitted by the applicant or if there is no response to the ministry's inquiries

If the request exceeded the specified time, you can follow up through Your voice is heard service


Required Documents

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Service Steps

  1. The user chooses the service for establishing a national association
  2. The applicant completes the form by entering all necessary data.
  3. The applicant acknowledges reading, agrees to the terms, and sends the application.
  4. The system automatically sends the request to all members for approval to join the association
  5. The applicant presses "send" to send the application to the ministry after the approval of all members
  6. The request number and detail  will be sent via text message
  7. The Ministry reviews the application and then:
    1. Issues approval if the application is approved
    2. Sends a request to amend or reject the application in the event of any notes.
  8. After the ministry’s approval, the association's information is sent to the supervising authority in case of a specialised association
  9. After the approval of the competent authority and the supervising authority, the following are issued:
    1. The association’s registration certificate
    2. Basic regulations of the association
    3. Letter of formation of the Board

For any help, one can call the toll-free number: 8002450000