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Service Description


This service allows the citizen to obtain a licence for a child care centre, which aims to provide psychological services and social guidance to beneficiaries - electronically without the need to consult the ministry or its branches. Service highlights: Electronic application Electronic communication with the owner (e-mail - text messages - service account) Electronic issuance of the licence of the centre and the internal regulations

Eservices (Click here)  , this service provided through e-services only

The expected time for closing the order is 13 days if it is not submitted by the applicant or if there is no response to the ministry's inquiries

If the request exceeded the specified time, you can follow up through Your voice is heard service

Required Documents


  1. Sketch of the proposed location
  2. A Criminal Status Record validated by the Criminal Evidence Department (the form is printed within the service)
  3. A proof of the profession validated by the Civil Status (the form is printed within the service)
  4. The consent of the neighbours (the form is printed within the service)
  5. The Engineering Office’s report (report requirements are printed within the service)

Service Steps

  1. The user chooses the service for establishing a child care centre
  2. The applicant completes the form by entering all necessary data.
  3. The applicant acknowledges reading and agrees to the terms and sends the application.
  4. The system automatically verifies the conditions and allows the applicant to complete the application and print the sample forms. The applicant then sends the application after verifying entries.
  5. The system makes sure all necessary data are entered and uploads all the required files and send the request to the ministry.
  6. The Development Centre reviews the application and then:
    1. Issues approval if the application is approved
    2. Sends a request to amend or reject the application in the event of any notes.
  1. After the ministry’s initial approval, the applicant can provide and upload the data required for the approval of the competent authorities, and appoint a Director of the Centre
  1. The Development Centre and the ministry review the application and then:
  1. Issue the final licence if the application is approved
  2. Send a request to amend or reject the application in the event of comments on it.
  1. The applicant can print and upload official papers including:
    1. Final licence of the centre
    2. Operational regulations of the centre