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​In accordance with the ambitious Saudi localization plans to provide better job opportunities for Saudi citizens, as well as achieving the Ministry of Civil Service and citizens goals and aspirations, the Job Localization service have been developed. The service allow to follow up on all non-Saudi employees precisely, in terms of contracting requests (internal and external) and contracts renewal in all government agencies and all job ladders, from the stage of applying to the stage of replacing the citizen with a job occupied by a non-Saudi. The government agencies are enabled to submit contracting applications, electronically through the service, to the Ministry of Civil Service, which in turn review, approve or reject submitted contracting requests and review the contract renewal requests by linking with the ministry's systems such as: Jadarah, Qualifications Guide and the Public Job System.​
​The user must be a Saudi citizen.
The job to be contracted shall be within the data of the Ministry of Civil Service.
The contractor must be a non-Saudi employee with a record in the Ministry of Civil Service.
  • Public Sector Offices (click here) - working hours from Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 AM to 2.20:00 PM

  • Eservices (Click here)  

Expected time to close the order: 5 working days

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  1. ​Signing in to the service through its link above;
  2. Applying and following up on the internal and external contracting applications and contract renewals.​