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​The "My Employment Data" digital platform enables civil service employees and human resources specialists to take advantage of the latest technologies developed by the ministry. The platform provides digital services for civil service employees, enabling them to correct and review their employment data. A partnership with The Ministry of Health have been made to provide details on sick leaves of the employees through the digital platform. Additionally, the historical job record and printing a service statement, with the possibility of following the decisions of training, scholarships and administrative transactions, and providing the period of service after the approving the update requests on the employment data are also available and easily accessed through the platform. The platform also allows its users to follow up on all requests from anywhere and at any time, and give more digital services that save employee time and effort without needing to visit the ministry.​

Expected time to close the order: 30 working days

If the request exceeded the specified time, you can follow up through Your voice is heard service

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Service Steps

  1. Sign up for the service or sign in if having an account;
  2. Complete the data update process;
  3. Use the e-services provided through the platform as needed;
  4. View medical reports, sick leaves and statistics;
  5. Follow up on administrative and human resources operations’ requests;
  6. Get technical and procedural support when needed.​