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E-Service that enables people with a registered disability, and have an updated disability evaluation to apply for enrolment in a private day care facility. Based on the acceptance criteria.
People with classified medium, double or multiple mental disabilities with IQ less than or equal to 55 between the ages of 2-45 years old.
o The degree of intelligence of the beneficiary should be 55 or less.
o The beneficiary must be severely disabled, moderately, dual or multiple who suffer from intellectual disability
o The beneficiary must be free from communicable or infectious diseases.
o The beneficiary does not suffer from psychological or behavioral disorders that pose a danger to himself or others.
o The age of the intended beneficiary in the service of issuing notification of eligibility for admission to care centers is between two to 45 years
o The beneficiary must be registered in the care system.
o The beneficiary must have a valid disability assessment.
o The recipient's disability must not be a disability preventing daycare
o The beneficiary does not have connected devices
o The beneficiary is not attached to one of the housing services such as: (social rehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation, nursing homes, orphan care homes, girls ’care homes, social observation homes for juveniles).
o The beneficiary is not attached to government day care centers.
o The beneficiary is not included in the integration programs at the Ministry of Education.
o The beneficiary is not a government employee or employee in the private sector
o That the request to issue the notice be during the application period

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  1. Sign-in to Ministry of Human Resource & Social Development’s e-Services Portal.
  2. Select “Providing social guidance to juveniles’ service” service from the list of available e-services.
  3. Fill the application form, acknowledge to service’s terms and conditions, and then submit your request.

* For further clarification, please see the user manual of the service.