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Service Description


This document describes the service request to allow the transfer of the service without the consent of the employer. It is one of the new services of the individual's portal which allows the user (establishments' labors - expatriate) to submit an application to remove the employer's current approval necessary for completing the transfer process as a result of the worker’s current situation or a disagreement between the worker and the employer.

Service request to allow the transfer of the service without the consent of the employer is available to users of the portal of individuals of the type of establishment labors - only expatriates.
A new request cannot be submitted to a labor whose work permit and Iqama has expired.
The labor status must be working in an establishment.
The labors cannot submit a new request if he has already a request under study.
A new application cannot be submitted if the worker has been identified as being transferable without the consent of the current employer.
After the application is accepted, the worker may transfer his / her service without the employer's consent within a maximum period of 30 days.
Request to allow the transfer without the consent of the current employer must contain all required data and attachments that enable the work office through the approval levels (researcher and approval committee) to verify the reasons for submitting the a

Eservices (Click here)  , this service provided through e-services only

Time Anticipated to Close the Request : 5 Days

If the request exceeded the specified time, you can follow up through Your voice is heard service

Required Documents

Service transfer service in case of reunification of spouses associated with a contract of employment.

  • Marriage contract certified by the embassy and Ministry of External Affairs
  • Work contract of husband or wife                
  • Iqama copy of Husband and Wife             
  • Copy of Passports of Husband and Wife
  • A recent certificate from the insurance stating that the husband or wife is still on work.
  • Letter from the party wishing to transfer the services
  • A copy of government order in case of any issue

Transfer of service if the company does not pay wages

  • Decision of the Supreme Commission
  • Copy of Iqama
  • Copy of Passport

Transfer of service for non-attendance of the employer litigation sessions in the labor Commission

  • Determine the Commission that is looking at the case
  • Copy of Iqama
  • Copy of Passport

Service Steps

  1. User access to the portal of individuals
  2. Select the service request to allow transfer of the service without the consent of the employer
  3. The system displays the data fields of the request to allow transfer of the service without the consent of the employer
  4. The user enters the request data
  5. The user adds attachments according to the reason of the request
  6. The user submit the request.
  7. The system checks the SMS code from Abshir
  8. The system creates a request number and saves the data and the status of the application is "under study"
  9. The researcher shall review the application and send it to the Central Committee.
  10. The Central Committee shall review the application and approve or reject the application
  11. If the application is approved, the employee is authorized to transfer the service without the employer's approval for only one time and for 30 days from the date of final approval of the request.
  12. The worker can follow the status of the request by entering the same service and follow up the current request updates.