Social Benefits

Benefits provided to the beneficiaries of the services of the Welfare and Social Development Agency represent important contributor that fulfill  the needs of these beneficiaries through multiple channels, perhaps most importantly, the family which is considered the core of the individual in terms of custody, care, upbringing and belonging. These benefits provide a basis to help the family to be the natural shelter for the individual. Thus, the Agency has given great care to  look for alternative families for those who have lost their families for one reason or another, so as to live in normal conditions not much different from the lives of others who did not deprived from the  blessing of parents, this would cure a great deal of deprivation and sense of loss that is often inherent in the orphan, especially when he lives under institutional care.

To achieve this objective, rewarding benefits were allocated to the families that ensure care and upbringing. As for the disabled, there is an urgent need for him/her to stay with his family -no matter what the disability is- that helps him a lot to overcome his disability, or adapt to it, especially if the family is familiar with the appropriate methods for optimal care.




Benefits department objectives:


Benefits department aims to disburse funds to the needy families, to help them take care of one or more of its members with special needs, whether they are disabled or orphans, or the like who have been entrusted their care to the Welfare and Social Development Agency. This is important to avoid these members the institutional care, that regardless of its adequacy will not achieve the social, emotional and psychological gratification of the family, even it was an alternative family that proved its ability of providing care. The department also aims to disburse financial benefits to those families with a disabled one or more, and cannot achieve residential care for those who require it, or of their guardians who want to take care of them.



Benefits department is responsible for the payments of the benefits for those whose cases were studied, and disbursement decisions were issued from the competent department in accordance with the rules and regulations.

Benefits types:

1- Families of the disabled benefits :

These benefits are disbursed based on articles [23,24] of the basic regulations of disabled rehabilitation programs, issued by the cabinet resolution No. (34) on 10/3/1400 AH to grant the guardians of persons with disabilities who cannot be admitted to centers of rehabilitation, or who would like their guardians to take care of them an annual benefit in accordance with specific conditions and medical reports. Also the approval of the cabinet No. 88 on 8/4/1426 AH, to grant annual benefit for civil-care centers that provide partial care for the disabled during specific periods for each accepted case, so that it does not exceed half the planned annual benefits for the guardians of disabled.





2- Foster families of the orphans benefits:

These benefits are disbursed to the families who sponsor and take care of the orphans, based on the article [14] of the basic regulations of the children in need of care, issued by the cabinet resolution No. (612) on  13/5/1395 AH which states: “The ministry disburse monthly benefit for care body as from the date of receipt of the child, if the body wish to get this benefit, paid as follows:

  • #2000# two thousand riyals per month for those under the age of six.

  • #3000# three thousand riyals per month for those who are above the age of six.               





3- End of sponsorship  period benefit:

The resolution No. (1430) on 13/10/1395 AH, set a benefit for each family at the end of duration of residence of children of unknown parents about (20000) riyals.



4- Marriage benefit:

This benefit is disbursed to the girls of social education houses pursuant to the cabinet resolution No. (157) on 12/9/1401 AH, which states that the girl is granted a benefit of #60.000# sixty thousand riyals. This benefit is disbursed for every girl affiliated to these houses, whether married or during her stay in house or after graduation. This benefit includes all girls of unknown parents, married by the knowledge of the Ministry for only one time. Also, the resolution No. (105) on  9/5/1419 AH includes students of social education houses from the orphans and the like with special conditions, to get the marriage benefit  decided for girls of social education houses.




5- Wheelchairs to disabled and modify their cars benefit :

The Royal decree No. (7/1285 / m) on 23/6/1409 AH was issued to the Ministry of labor and social affairs, to modify the disabled cars to enable them to drive with hands only instead of feet, in addition to providing chairs for disabled persons in need. The submission of applications for this benefit occurs through the Agency's branches.


The disabled Benefits

Amount of benefit



23 A


23 B


24 A


24 B


Foster families and marriage Benefits

Amount of benefit




Orphans monthly benefit for those under the age of sixth


Orphans monthly benefit for those above the age of six


Benefit of the end of sponsorship


Marriage benefit