Measuring Private Sector Employees’ Awareness of Labor Market Regulations and Laws(privet sector)

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This questionnaire aims to measure your level of knowledge about the Saudi labor market regulations and laws that define the responsibilities, duties and rights of workers in the private sector companies and corporation. It is worth to note that all the shared details and answers are kept confidential and used only for development and business improvement, and the participant and his/her employer will not bear any obligation.  Your cooperation and interest are highly appreciated.

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1. As per labor law, actual working hours shall not be more than 8 hours a day or 48 hours a week in addition to daily and weekly rest period *
2. The employer has the right to withhold or delay the payment of the salary after the due date. *
3. Labor law stipulates controls regulating employment of women in companies and factories as well as punishments and fines for those who violate them to preserve rights of working women. *
4. The employer shall bear the government fees such as the worker’s recruitment fees, residence fees, work permit and renewal, and the return ticket for the worker to his country after the end of the relationship between the two parties. *
5. The employer or the company has the right to terminate an employment contract without giving a clear reason. *
6. In the case of any dispute or disagreement with the sponsor, I can submit a complaint to the Labor Office. *
7. The Saudi labor laws protect rights of a worker or employee in private sector companies. *
8. The Saudi labor law prohibits the worker from working for third party or work for his own account *
9. Saudi labor laws in prohibit bribery, fraud, commercial fraud, and other illegal violations *
10. The Saudi labor laws guarantee me decent respect while working in the Kingdom. *
11. The Kingdom applies multiple channels to communicate with government agencies when a problem occurs to me during my work or residency in the KSA, whether by phone or electronic services *
12. The Saudi labor laws clearly defined the rights, duties, violations and their punishment for the worker and the employer. *
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