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Last Update 25 Jul 2017

Initiative Description

Laying down an inclusive strategy to provide the orphans with all types of care .The strategy includes Creating an in clusive strategy to provide the orphans with various aspects of care .The strategy includes laying down the plans,procedures and the fixed systems regarding fostering orphans (assessment of the family to verify to what extent that family is relevant to foster the orphan child(psychlogically and socially ) besides the continuous and regular following up with the family after fostering the orphan child. Also laying down the rehabilitative programs for the workers in the field of orphans care whether in the sheltering houses or the orphans' fostering families. .Moreover the plans,procedures and the fixed and unified systems should be laid down among the social care houses.The strategic study will also include discussing or studying the phenomena of the orphans with the special conditions and finding out solutions for it in order to curb this phenomena in addition to creating a data base for the fostering families and laying down a rehabilitative program for the employees(job seeking).